Discreet Concierge Luxury Rehab and advanced treatment for the discerning clientele

We are a boutique five star addiction treatment, dual-diagnosis, pain-management and medical concierge serving clientele in the US and Europe. We are private pay only.

Our more widely known treatment plans are Treatment Des Concierge © Medical Des Concierge © Treatment Home Healthcare © Treatment Tourism © Family Des Concierge © Couple Des Concierge © Spa Des Concierge © Fitness Des Concierge © Business Des Concierge ©.

Outpatient Treatment: Can You Imagine Luxury Rehab Differently?

I had no idea this type of treatment existed. I am so happy to have found you. ~ Treatment Des Concierge © married couple.

You are unique in your treatment requirements and with new discoveries in our field, The Scott © will accelerate your healing process.

With your demanding lifestyle, it may be difficult for you to set aside 30 days outside of your life, so having your choice of location is always important. Did you know that the Minnesota 30-day model was set up decades ago specifically for employees as allotted time off from an employer? This is a dated treatment model that was designed for a corporation, not for you.

Are you aware that you may now have top-flight experts bring concierge luxury alcohol and drug rehab directly to you? If this kind of outpatient rehabilitation is ideal for you, it is time to think about treatment differently.

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