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Five Star Treatment: What Does Celebrity Rehab Look Like?

Pool next to the Bungalow

What comes to mind when you think of rehab? For most people it is bland wallpaper, plastic mattresses, intimidating looking medical staff and Amy Winehouse. No wonder so many people have a hard time recovering from drug and alcohol addiction!

The success rate of most rehabilitation programs is shockingly low. Some peer reviewed studies put the popular AA 12-step program at 5-10 percent, while others have speculated that the therapeutic community on a whole can only claim a 30% success rate at best. That is grim reading if you are desperate to overcome your addiction or other disorders or challenges.

Now, imagine a different kind of addiction therapy. One that cared more about your recovery than meeting quotas. One that provided luxurious, comfortable surroundings and ample time for you to build the courage and willpower to return to daily life addiction-free. And, most importantly, one that offered intensive treatment by a team of peer reviewed well-respected doctors that have dedicated their entire career for your ultimate success.

Can you re-imagine that? This is luxury concierge rehab.

Palm on the beach

Relocate to Paradise

Changing your environment may play an important role in the recovery from addiction. This is why intensive and extensive, luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation may begin by finding your idyllic location. Imagine waking up in the comforting serenity of a Five Star exclusive estate next to crystal clear waters bathed in golden sunshine. Such a picturesque atmosphere would be the perfect antidote to the thoughts that are destroying your life and your relationships.

Keeping your mind clear and filled with positive thoughts is one of the hardest battles when changing your life. Recuperating in paradise with a dedicated team of veteran doctors will win your battle. Recuperation n a tranquil setting means you will also be comfortable and relaxed enough to actually want to complete your rehabilitation and truly get well.

The Scott in Europe

Sandy beaches and palm trees are not everyone’s idea of paradise of course. For you it may be the ability to sit in a spacious garden watching bees suck nectar from colorful, freshly bloomed flowers. Or to relax on a rustic wooden bench in between testing, assessments, therapeutic sessions and simply soak up the impressionism of a Monet-esque European countryside while vaping.

When such careful attention is paid to something as seemingly insignificant as the location of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you canWhen such careful attention is paid to something as seemingly insignificant as the location of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you can be certain of the highest standard of treatment available. This is what celebrity rehab looks like. This is how you get effective treatment. Are you beginning to get the picture now?

Massage Table

Top-Notch Specialist Treatment

Of course, as idyllic as location is in a person’s wellness it is only a small part of the story. Care and attention from expert professionals is also paramount. Within our boutique locations these experts use a number of techniques to work on improving your body and mind that may include spa treatments. Why not offer these hospitality courtesies? They are centuries old proven techniques.

Man with Horses

Physical activity is another fundamental part of your rehabilitation process. During your treatment you will get the opportunity to connect with mother nature on light nature walks, explore nearby trails or partake in fun sporting activities. Each activity is designed to get you up, out and enjoying life without the constraints of addiction, healing anxiety, temporarily sets aside depression and rejuvenates your mind. You will also be working in a natural environment with our doctors while engaging in these activities.

The Doctors' Team Associative Picture

There are many reasons why a person might become dependent on drugs and alcohol; boredom, depression, sleep disorders, relationship problems, social pressures ad infinitum. Whatever the reason intensive and extensive therapy is designed to heal and overcome the root cause. Scenic locations, relaxing massages, and countryside walks will all be for nothing without intensive, scientific protocols gently addressing the underlying reasons you have checked-in.

It should come as no surprise that clients at our concierge boutique locations can expect to receive a team of the finest credentialed clinicians to fix your life. You would expect nothing less from a Five Star luxury rehab right? When you work with the top experts your healing is accelerated.

Luxurious surroundings

In between basking in luxurious surroundings, being engaged in a myriad of therapeutic protocols depending on your case and the enjoyable light physical activities you will, of course, need to eat. As you might expect, no expense is spared on the meals at our boutique locations. Clients get to enjoy chef prepared, fresh organic cuisine for the duration of their stay. Most importantly, you will enjoy meals while having important organic conversations with our doctors – more therapeutic time that is welcoming.

Relaxing with the Book

Clinical Treatment That Fits

In order for you to truly get well when all is said and done, effective rehabilitation must be tailored to your needs and we are not beholden to insurance companies so your full recovery is our only concern. We understand that some people cannot, or will not, travel and stay in a treatment center perhaps due to agoraphobia or other circumstances, regardless of how luxurious it is.

For some individuals, their own home is the only Five Star venue they want to stay in. If that is you or your loved one then that is fine. You can receive private clinical treatment in your own home. Are you wanting to have luxury concierge rehab brought to you?

You see, celebrity rehab is not all about staying in luxurious locations all over the world or even at a well-known traditional location. It is not about fine dining or scenic views. It is about receiving the intensive and extensive help that you need without interference from insurance companies limitations and we believe there should be as few barriers to your concierge treatment as possible. It is one of the reasons we are private pay.

Are you ready to re-imagine rehab?

Private Jet Associative Picture

It is time to re-imagine rehab! Dispel that image of soul-destroying, somber centers and think tranquil locations, a team of op-flight doctors and a treatment plan designed to set you on the path to a fresh new life. Everything about our luxury concierge rehabilitation plan is well-thought out and scientifically studied, it has worked for all of our clientele, their families, friends and businesses. We know it will work for you!. What are you waiting for? More heartache and trouble? If you are reading this now it is time you started living your life addiction-free and trouble-free. Why not get well in style?

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