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Inpatient vs Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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To be an inpatient, or not to be an inpatient, that is the question. And it is often a challenging dilemma for people seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. On one hand there is the urge to retain “freedom” while simultaneously getting the help required to battle addiction, on the other it can be difficult to stay focused on recovery while the daily temptations of life are so easily accessible.

A troubling dilemma indeed. Fortunately at The Scott © we excel at helping clientele and families get well. We can help you decide which the most suitable option is. After all, we are the leaders in concierge luxury rehab.

Are You Aware You Have Treatment Options?

The first step towards getting well is to acquire a full understanding of your options. You can choose to be treated as an inpatient where you reside in a concierge luxury treatment location or as an outpatient where we will design your treatment plan for you around your lifestyle. While the options are not overly complex, the mere fact that there are options is a surprise and a welcome relief for many.

It is important to understand that whichever treatment plan you choose you will be provided with seasoned experts in our field. Your concierge option ushers in a level of quality of care you probably did not realize existed. This will accelerate your healing and get you back on track with your family and life which is our ultimate goal for you. You want to get well and we know how to help you. Think of The Scott © as your extended healthy family.

For example, you or a loved one, suffering from addictions or other disorders, may have work commitments and thus unable to commit to a potentially lengthy inpatient stay at a standard rehab facility. The option for a two week intensive in a private location of your choice by yourself, with your spouse or other family members is a dream come true and again a welcome relief.

The Main Differences Between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation

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As alluded to earlier, there are very few differences between the two treatment options. The one primary difference however, is where you stay. The main characteristic of inpatient rehab is that you would be required to stay at a facility for the duration of the treatment program with other people you may not be able to relate well to. These programs vary in length depending on your needs, but are typically between 28 to 90 days – a period which immediately feels daunting. Conversely, intense destination treatment at one of The Scott’s © concierge luxury refined locations is freeing and feels exciting.

Being treated as an outpatient simply means you get to stay at your home or hotel and have at-home treatment curated for you – a hybrid of a U.S. Medical Boards Model. Typical rehab facilities would ask you to step out of your comfort zone to attend a four white wall facility for consultations on a daily basis. This already feels nauseating and inconvenient. The Scott © sends an accomplished team of medical or clinical doctors to your home so that you can receive all the necessary help in the comfort of your own home. The Scott © clientele and family excel in this plan.

While the treatment you receive as an outpatient will typically be the same as you might receive as an inpatient, the inpatient preference is generally more intensive.

A Closer Look at Inpatient Rehabilitation

The Scott © provides the finest quality concierge luxury inpatient treatment in the world. Among other things, we offer Five Star exclusive locations in some of the most exotic places you can imagine. Inpatient treatment can be at your home or a luxurious location of your choosing.

The location of an inpatient treatment facility is important because mother nature is very healing, working with top-flight doctors will accelarate your healing at a rapid rate. We provide exclusive, luxurious environments that residents feel comfortable and relaxed in. Thus providing the impetus to stay and complete the program fully. You may worry that you are unable to continue with your business dealings. We will work this into your treatment plan.

Inpatient drug or alcohol rehab is highly recommended for those with serious long-term addiction troubles. This option helps to avoid any unhealthy distractions and reduces the chances of relapse.

A Closer Look at Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient treatment is the preferred choice for individuals who feel they may not require as intensive as a treatment plan as others and/or may execute outpatient after intensive treatment. It is also a better option for the introverted among us who may prefer to avoid the group nature of inpatient rehabilitation.

Normally you would be expected to attend a treatment center on a weekly or daily basis to meet with treatment specialists during your rehabilitation program. At The Scott © you can take advantage of a higher level of outpatient care; have the rehab come to you. It’s called Treatment Des Concierge © and it means that our specialist rehab experts will come and treat you in the comfort of your own private location, wherever that may be.

Clearly this type of plan offers the ultimate in flexibility; it gives you the opportunity to avail the much needed help of experts in familiar surroundings, amongst people you are familiar with.

Have you been in and out of treatment centers and it has not worked for you? Treatment Des Concierge © or Treatment Home Healthcare © are an excellent fit. We have helped others and we will most certainly help you.

Choosing The Correct Path

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So now that we have made the choice between inpatient and outpatient treatment a viable option for you, let us now help you decide which you should choose. Consider the advantages of both forms of treatment for a moment.

Advantages of inpatient care:

  • Access to discreet, luxury locations throughout the US and Europe, allowing an escape which is technically a clinical reboot.
  • The ability to engage with a team of distinguished healthy doctors vs. engaging with other clients that are mentally unwell and running around.
  • Two-week intensive vs. a lifetime of fighting your alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, marital problems, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, ad infinitum.
  • The opportunity to get well clinically while all white glove hospitality services are provided.

Advantages of Outpatient Care:

  • Convenient and potentially less disruptive to your life.
  • A scientifically proven way to receive concierge treatment in a place that you are already familiar with, such as your home.
  • Ideal for agoraphobics, those concerned about privacy and anyone who dislikes travelling.
  • A flexible approach to drugs and alcohol rehabilitation and other disorders or issues an individual or family is in conflict over.

So how do you decide? Well it all depends on your situation, preference and personality. An outpatient solution s idyllic for individuals and families that have bounced in and out of treatment centers unsuccessfully or request further care after successful intensive treatment.

On the other hand, inpatient care requires a bit more of a commitment, but we must ask: How has your commitment been to your addiction or other conflict? Are you able to commit to at least two weeks from your family or your business? Do you feel that your addiction is out of control, you want a posh respite and need immediate help? Answering yes to questions like this means that you would be much better off receiving inpatient care. Also know that our clientele, Family Des Concierge © or Couple Des Concierge © are thriving in all of our plans.

Your Luxury Rehab Options

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Luxury rehab. It may seem like an oxymoron, but what it means is unsurpassed rehabilitation provisions. That is what the Scott © achieves. Clientele deciding to receive inpatient care can expect to stay in gorgeous locations that more closely resemble well-appointed holiday homes vs. your typical rehab centers: Venues include vintage European chateaus, luxurious beach residences or exclusive resorts.

However, the luxury is not just in the locations and décor. Most importantly, you receive intensive luxury treatment plans to match: 1. Distinguished medical and clinical peer-reviewed doctors that have invented or led the top ten drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in the U.S. 2. Specialize in a myriad of other disorders 3. In our exclusive locations or directly at your home or hotel.

So whether you decide to be an inpatient or an outpatient you can be sure that concierge luxury treatment is possible and it works! The Scott © is mobile and global. Contact us for a confidential consultation.

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