Discreet Advanced Concierge Luxury Rehab for the discerning clientele
from the U.S., Canada, Europe & Middle East
a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

Why Google "Malibu Rehabs" "Hawaii Luxury Treatment" "Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida?"
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Who are you? Each case is unique in their requests.

  • You are a client that requires discreet and impeccable medical or clinical addiction treatment, pain-management rehab or mental health treatment in peace and privacy.
  • You are a family on holiday while your loved one receives intensive treatment.
  • You are a suffering individual that requires a medically assisted detox such as an alcohol detox, opiate detox, prescription drugs detox and more by a prominent medical and/or clinical team(s).

Who are we? Doctors, physicians & clinicians

Our distinguished multi-disciplinary team(s) are flown in from the US. They are the top-flight doctors and PhDs, researchers, pioneers and more that have either developed or led programs at the top ten treatment centers in the U.S. including the Betty Ford Center and much more.

We are firstly doctors with other credentials and degrees with almost half a century of working successfully with clients. Dedicating their entire careers to developing therapies, treatment programs, helping others to heal and much more.

We are the vanguard pioneers in the field(s) of medicine, addiction, alcohol treatment, dual diagnosis disorders, gut issues, agoraphobia, treatment for anxiety, brain-injury, depression, sex addiction, treatment for obesity, porn addiction, treatment for gambling addiction, sleep disorders and other mental health disorders.

Why Google Malibu rehabs, alcohol treatment centers in Florida, rehabs Los Angeles, luxury rehabs Honolulu, HI and more? When concierge treatment is available at your preferred location?


  • We are a boutique concierge rehab with experience, flexibility and privacy.
  • Are you court-ordered? We work closely with attorney's, courts and judges as they know the level of medical and clinical care our distinguished treatment team provides.
  • A "Reboot" in a peaceful and curative setting which is scientifically proven as the best treatment environment when getting well. Better than a hospital or the four white walls of treatment centers.
  • What other treatment centers or rehabs are not telling you in Malibu, Hawaii, Florida and more are that they have the exact same clinical team working with every client. Clients require a team of handpicked elite experts. You are battling a life-threatening problem and we will do everything in our power to help you including flying in the right expert(s).
  • We are not corporate owned and numbers are not our bottom line.
  • Here is what these corporations are not telling you: They will not spend more money on extra addiction treatment services or hospitality services for clients and will bill you after you check out. Furthermore, if you are an insurance client and your insurance is rejected after you have flown to a treatment facility they will immediately ask you to leave within hours. Insurance companies will also dictate your treatment track. Insurance companies will also request that you receive minimal treatment services and most insurance companies do not even cover addiction treatment. Please read more on our pricing page.
  • We are all inclusive.
  • More than 85% of our team(s) are comprised of doctors that are board certified and credentialed with other certifications.
  • 50% of our treatment team(s) have achieved decades of personal recovery, are in successful long-term marriages or relationships, peer-reviewed published and much more.
  • We are private pay which protects you from having a permanent record for the protection of ones future. Please read more information about this on our pricing page.
  • Our CEO is not a part of your medical or clinical treatment team as is the case with other luxury rehabs.
  • Our doctors and clinicians are advocates of testing and assessments in order to properly diagnosis your detailed treatment track in an unparalleled environment with hospitality courtesies.
  • You may bow-tie any of our treatment plans that are all based on a U.S. Medical Boards model.
  • We are able to send a professional to pick you up and transport you to our location.
  • There are no paparazzi or crowds.
  • We work with business professionals and families that require use of their computer(s) and cell phone(s). Dependent upon your case you will work out a navigable time with our doctors and clinicians to do business.
  • We provide hospitality courtesies.
  • Private airport(s).
  • We are a member of NAATP – NAPW – WAATME Accredited & Certified.

We are a discreet residential treatment center for alcohol treatment, drug addiction treatment, prescription drug rehab, medical detox, and much more.


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CONTACT OUR 24 HOUR HELPLINE: 888.827.7736 or info@the-scott.com

Member of WAATME (World Accreditation of Addiction Treatment Mark of Excellence)

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