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Our team(s) of medical and clinical doctors are highly-credentialed. They are researchers, scientists and elite experts from the U.S. & Europe.

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After seven years in business our diverse roster of the finest seasoned veteran board certified, licensed and credentialed distinguished multi-disciplinary medical and clincial teams are the prominent leaders in their respective fields that hail from the United States and Europe.

They are the finest PhDs, PsyDs, doctors, medical and clinical specialists, researchers and other notable credentialed experts in the field of alcohol abuse, substance abuse, prescription drug abuse, pain-management, brain injury, marriage and divorce, depression, anxiety, anger-management, sleep disorders, all other co-occurring disorders and much more; to include, but not limited to: holistic, spiritual and spa experts.

The Scott has deep-rooted relationships with the foremost experts in collective fields for over 27 years. Each client or family requires an esteemed handpicked multi-disciplinary treatment team or multiple treatment teams fitted for their specialized needs.

Our accomplished and well-respected cohesive concierge teams of gifted doctors and other remarkable leaders, have led the top treatment programs and more and originate from distinct and consummate backgrounds.

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Member of WAATME (World Accreditation of Addiction Treatment Mark of Excellence)

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