Discreet Advanced Concierge Luxury Rehab for the discerning clientele
in the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, The Middle East, Russia & Asia
a hybrid of a U.S. medical boards model

What Does "Treatment Des Concierge ©" Mean

Effective short-term or long-term rehabilitation happens only when a cohesive multidisciplinary team is composed of the highest credentialed prominent seasoned doctors in a symphony of concierge care: this is at the heart of our Treatment Des Concierge © philosophy. We have refined an integrated proven medical and clinical framework that is a hybrid of a U.S. Medical Boards Model, in tandem with advanced treatment protocols, developed exclusively to meet your medical and/or clinical care victoriously.

Our clientele require a flexible team due to their special requests. Throughout the years we have established luxurious venues to accommodate these requests. Our clientele work with top-flight medical and/or clinical experts either at one of our boutique locations, in the familiarity of your own home, or while on holiday. Whichever plan you, or your family decide to choose, you may expect superior peer-reviewed experts paired with absolute discretion and sophistication.

Case Studies reveal that individuals actively involved in one-to-two-hour appointments with psychiatric, psychological, or medical professionals are typically once per week, the professionals are disconnected from one another as they have their own practices to care for. Insurance companies vary in regulations, but some require several appointments before proper care is permitted, or they will request an older medication as a newer medication may be too expensive, or they will require an older therapeutic protocol vs. a newer therapeutic protocol due to cost. In summary, there are restrictions on your care which individuals, and families have no control over.

The Scott © concierge team(s) are credentialed experts that are complementary to each client, and family. We fully explore, and develop a thorough interchangeable treatment plan based on assessments which may include: a. clinical care b. medical care c. palliative care. Additionally, we work with straight-forward cases, complex cases, stressed out CEO's, couple's in relationships, or marriages, and partial or whole families.

Why is concierge treatment effective? It is simple: All any individual needs is the full undivided attention of a united concierge treatment team of seasoned experts exploring one's life history, researching, analyzing, and developing a detailed concierge treatment plan that works. Just as importantly, it must be well-suited to one's real-life. The Scott © has consistently received hard-earned acclaim from our clientele with reference to the fact that they have, and we quote "never received this level of care."

Who chooses Treatment Des Concierge © vs. a traditional treatment center? Clientele, and families who have an understanding that private pay establishes a much finer quality of care to include absolute privacy, and special requests; the same level of care arranged for doctors, high-profile patrons, UHNW individuals-families, CEO's, or correlative. Moreover, Treatment Des Concierge © has a superior rate of success that far exceeds any traditional treatment center as evidenced by the longstanding U.S. Medical Boards Model research.

Does Treatment Des Concierge © include other clientele? There is a tremendous amount of work to be performed with just one client, and/or possibly their family. We find it inconceivable that one would receive proper attentive treatment care with a whole group of individuals they have never met before. At The Scott © you are our only concern.

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